Caviness Marine Twin Stripe Paddle

watersports   November 5, 2017   Comments Off on Caviness Marine Twin Stripe Paddle


Review Caviness Nautical Twin Stripe Scull Specification

The RD Series has the CAVINESS Wedge Slot in as a “Standard” feature. This place a stop to grain end lamination process provides the butt of the scull blade with a feature naturally applied to single Very High-priced Paddles! With the wedge slot in, palm grip, and Twin Stripe top, there are few best.Section: 3’6″
Grip Category: Palm
Blade Dimensions: 6″ x 16″
Shaft Dimensions: At Grip: 1 1/4″, At Throat: 1 1/4″

About satiated details report Caviness Nautical Twin Stripe Scull.