Dakine Men’s XT Seat Windsurf Harness

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Fantastic Dakine Men’s XT Seat Windsurf Utilize Satiated Details

The Dakine XT Seat Windsurf Utilize is a fully built-made known go-to seat utilize. This substantial seat utilize facial appearance a pre-bent inner support structure with featherweight foam molded lumbar pad donation plenty of in trade support and performance. The XT Seat is biased with facial appearance counting an 8-top load dispersion logic, comfortable leg cinch straps and the simple-in simple-made known get behind button windsurf spreader slab with extra padding for lingering living made known next to the water. Dimensions are: XS= 28-30” (71-76cm) SB= 8” (20cm), S= 30-32” (76-81cm) SB= 10” (25cm), M= 32-34” (81-86cm) SB= 10” (25cm), L= 34-36” (86-91cm) SB= 10” (25cm), XL= 36-38” (91-96cm) SB= 12” (30cm). Material: Nautical Grade Vinyl.Get behind button windsurf spreader slab, freedom affect spreader slab pad
Featherweight foam molded lumbar pad, pre-bent inner support structure
Nature-determining fundamental and lesser Power Belt
Adjustable spreader slab height, 8-top load dispersion logic
Even more comfortable, nature-tensioning neoprene leg cinch straps, load equalizer patches

About satiated details report Dakine Men’s XT Seat Windsurf Utilize.