NAGA Sports Adult Snorkel Set – Choose your Size and Color

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Fantastic NAGA Sports Adult Snorkel Set – Choose your Mass and Color Description

The NAGA Sports Snorkel Set is protective, comfortable, and exact for your then underwater expedition! The set comes with a No-Hassle 90-Day Cash In trade Promise and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

About NAGA Sports Swimming Gear

Swimming in the pool, snorkeling at the beach, we here at NAGA Sports like being in the water. With this in mind, we top swimming gear with the intention of is prudent and comfortable, giving you the freedom to explore underwater. But why stop there? Solely as there are all kinds of fish and creatures in the sea, there are all kinds of swimmers made known there, and we like options. Learn solely the right mass, affect and color of swim equipment you desire from our large selection. Choose from a diversity of unisex styles and sizes for adults and children. Prudent, effective, adjustable and stylish, NAGA Sports is here to be your affordable supplier of swimming and committed equipment and frills. For your then adventure, equip yourself with NAGA Sports gear to reach extra depths and truly immerse yourself.

Delight snorkel safely. Never dive face-initially into water, as this may shatter the mask, which may yield honest bodily injury.

WARRANTY: Your NAGA Sports Snorkel Set includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, which covers manufacturing defects, but does not apply to grind and tear from normal aid, misuse, before unapproved modifications. To process a warranty aver, delight retain your proof of hold and friend your authorized peddler.

DISCLAIMER: Perception of Risk: NAGA Sports does not assume responsibility for bodily injury before equipment destruction by by our harvest. Aid at your own risk.

Package Includes: 1 – NAGA Sports Adult and Kids Snorkel Set – (Pink – L/XL) with Dried made known Top Snorkel, Single Lens Mask, Trek Fins and Mesh Bag
TEMPERED ANTI-FOG LENS MASK: Our Dried made known top snorkel mask’s heat-treated dinghy lens gives you high-level eye safeguard with the intention of is scrape-strong and shatter-strong so you can SEE SAFELY. SEE CLEARLY, as the single lens top minimizes majority and visual obstructions. WATERTIGHT SEAL: Silicone skirt ensures a water-resistant seal around your nose and its clear color minimizes distractions. The one-road purge valve, dried made known valve and splashguard provide further water protections so you can breathe simple.
ADJUSTABLE: Mask’s stretchy adjustable silicone straps are customizable to all set any face affect. Adjusting is simple – pull to tighten; rescind feature lock tab and pull to come undone. COMFORTABLE: Adult mass’s SOFT SILICONE MOUTHPIECE and FLEX TUBE ensure hours of snorkeling comfort.
POWERFUL TREK FIN: Small trek fin with vented blades, exceptional for snorkeling and bodyboarding. Fin straps are adjustable to yield you a secure and comfortable all set. The straps are also detachable so you can get in and made known of them straightforwardly. Compact for simple packing and portability.
1 YEAR WARRANTY: With fantastic consumer care as a priority here at NAGA Sports, your Snorkel Set comes standard with a No-Hassle 90-Day Cash In trade Promise and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. All NAGA Sports gear is tested by our dedicated team to ensure quality, safety, and effectiveness so you can experience right freedom at the pool, beach, before where on earth you go for your then water sports endeavor. BONUS: Set includes a drawstring mesh gear bag for promptly drying and storing your snorkel kit.

About satiated details report NAGA Sports Adult Snorkel Set – Choose your Mass and Color.