Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Kitesurfing Kite

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awe-inspiring Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Kitesurfing Kite Review Below

FREERIDE & WAVE KITE Our lightest Prodigy always, the 4th Gen Prodigy currently also facial appearance high tide fill with air / deflate valves! Built around a robust 3 strut top, our most standard & best promotion kite to date comes by its accomplishment honestly. Featuring a massive make your way through array and incredible flight stability the Prodigy is an ultimate extent for kiters looking for the exact freeride before wave kite. With superb power manner of speaking and a generous, forgiving feel the Prodigy delivers charming turns and unforced exalted pride and hang time even as meeting perfectly in the dialogue box and drifting with you when you’re powered up and next to a wave. The Prodigy’s small section bridles reduce the chance of check tangles even as delivering steering partaking even when the kite is vastly de-powered building tough landing / launching conditions more controllable.All around performance kite
Simple re-launch capabilites with a huge make your way through array
High tide fill with air/deflate valves
Exceptional drift capabilities
Fantastic kite for all levels

About satiated details report Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Kitesurfing Kite.