STREAMLINED WIndsurf Base – Quick-Lock With Euro-Pin

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Fantastic STREAMLINED WIndsurf Base – Instant-Lock With Euro-Pin Description

The STREAMLINED Instant-Lock board attachment base allows you to connect and disconnect the craft’s mast from the rig below the establishment as well as above the establishment with the base trophy. The deck plate with the intention of ruins next to the board and is the thinnest, smallest, smallest amount forward board tie in windsurfing. The Instant-Lock with Euro-pin logic is super strong and proven in giant top. STREAMLINED bases have the lowest bend top of all bases next to the market. A despondent bend top is vital to protect your focal top of gravity as close to the deck of your board as possible. With the intention of road you have the best power over the amount of power you are getting from your rig.At the sensitivity of your base is the STREAMLINED urethane muscle establishment top, fake by us over 30-years ago.
The Instant-lock logic allows you to straightforwardly lock your base on your board like it is permanent. 
At the end of the day, you can austerely click it off.
Having a despondent-profile deck plate also means you won’t stub your toe.

About satiated details report STREAMLINED WIndsurf Base – Instant-Lock With Euro-Pin.