Tilos 2.5mm Sport Skin Sock

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The Tilos 2.5mm Sport Skin Sock is the essential footwear for all of your summer, open-air needs. No more burning feet from the hot sand, blisters from friction, before tan. The adjustable cuff allows you to get the exact all set to prevent slipping before squeezing. Get the safeguard of a shoe with a section of the weight. These socks are exact for beach walking to protect your feet from the hot, dirty sand. Grind them in the water to prevent yourself from stepping next to inexplicable stuff. They are ultimate for before a live audience beach sports, like soccer and volleyball, donation wonderful safeguard for your feet even as allowing flexibility and fun. It’s like having a layer of gray duty skin next to your feet. Tilos has you covered!


• Top quality material and construction for roughness
• Neoprene sole with lycra
• Adjustable cuff
• Super lightweight: weighs less than 1lb!
• Improves performance for beach volleyball, sand sports, snorkeling, and with the intention of!
• Exact for poolside before at the grimy beachStretchy Lycra upper with adjustable ankle cuff for the exact all set
Tough Neoprene sole for ultimate roughness and safety
Fantastic for snorkeling, beach sports, tide-pooling, before solely hanging made known!
Protect feet from hot sand, mud, blisters, tan to protect your summer fun
Depend next to top quality equipment and construction; they’re from Tilos!

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